the cover for volume 1 in the series
801 Tactical Training Squadron: AIRBATS

Get ready all fighter pilots! The wild blue yonder is about to get even more wild when an unusual group of young fighter pilots take on the
skies in the all female 801 Tactical Training Squadron; codename: Airbats. When ignorant military fan boy, Isarugi, arrives on scene, the competition becomes intense between the two elite aerialists, Arisa Mitaka and Miyuki Honoda. The love triangle between the three make the series even more wacky, although there are some serious moments…If Captain Konishi can’t even handle the Mitaka and Honoda, how can he handle the rest of the squadron, Yohko and Sakura? As the rivalry in the air and ground erupts into even more intense squabbling, how can the AIRBATS stay together?

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